Recent talk at John Brown University


I recently had the privilege of traveling to John Brown University to give a talk entitled “More than a Thousand Words: Making Medical Images More Meaningful.” It was a great pleasure to share with the audience my insight and experience in medical imaging. As a part of the visit, I also had dinner with faculty and students and lunch with female students and female faculty. One of the students has created a photography project entitled “What a Scientist Looks Like”, which I found quite impressive. You can see its Instagram page here.

I also enjoyed seeing the engineering and construction management programs at JBU. (The picture above is of their backhoe. My two sons were very impressed that their mom saw a backhoe while she was away for work!) The construction management program in particular was really interesting to learn about.

Many thanks to JBU for their invitation and hospitality during my visit. I really love learning about what is going on at other higher education institutions and meeting faculty, staff, and students, so this was a wonderful opportunity for me, and I hope I offered some helpful thoughts to the audience.

I love sharing more about my work and visiting groups. You can find out more here about working with me.