Spring 2018 Work by Time of Day

In my last post, I shared where my work time went over the Spring 2018 semester. I was curious about when I was doing most of my work, so I broke down the numbers even more. I was interested in knowing how much I spent working before 8 AM, between 8 AM - 5 PM ("normal" working hours), between 5-8 PM (work that would have been going on during the critical kid hours of dinner, bath time, and bedtime), and after 8 PM.

Where did the (Spring 2018 work) time go?

I enjoy reading materials by Laura Vanderkam about managing time. She is a big advocate for tracking time, among several other strategies, especially in light of the fact that most people overestimate the time they spend in different activities (especially work). By tracking your time, you can think objectively about how to change things up. 

I've done a few time tracking challenges in the past, usually for durations of one week. This past spring, I decided to track my time for the whole semester.